7x7 GEO Dock

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The GEO 7’ x 7’ Dock is an inflatable product that transforms anybody's water experience. It is highly stable and the incredible construction makes the GEO 7’ x 7’ Dock GEO's most versatile product available in 2021. Take this to the lake house, float it off the beach with family and friends, use it as a yoga platform, connect a few together and make the ultimate party island, take this down the wildest river floats, and never leave the dogs behind because they love these docks!! There are literally endless possibilities for the GEO 7’ x 7’ Dock!

The GEO dock is extremely simple, but has incredible functionality. The inflatable Dock’s number one selling feature is its ability to transform from rolled up PVC to a rigid floating Dock in a few minutes, making it easy to take to all your favorite spots! GEO uses the best inflatable technology to allow you to pump this dock up to pressures high enough you will have no problems walking, standing, dancing or doing yoga on it.

With more and more people buying inflatable docks every year there is a growing demand for GEO's product. You will notice other docks on the market that are available. But they do not have all the features theirs does. They took everything into consideration while designing the perfect dock!


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