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Climbing is a precision sport generally Outdoor that in recent years has also been transplanted into artificial surfaces to facilitate travel times, given that in general the scalable natural rock walls are distant from large urban centers. The effort of this sport is noteworthy, and the concentration it requires is very high. Regarding the needs of those who are passionate about climbing, the fit and lightness of the glasses is fundamental. It is also essential that it wrap around the face in order to prevent those annoying micro-upheavals towards the tip of the nose.

DEMON has created a line of technical glasses for climbing enthusiasts that represent the evolution of the best technologies on the market to allow the athlete to concentrate solely on his own performances.

Technical and material characteristics

The lenses of the ASPEN climbing model are made of polycarbonate, an ultra-light and unbreakable material that allows perfect vision of the wall and offers greater safety in the event of accidental impact, imposing the creation of splinters that could seriously injure the eye. Maximum performance is achieved on bright days, but they still do a great job in case of cloudy weather or stark brightness.

The frame is in TR90, a special composition of Nylon and carbon fiber. The main feature is lightness, in fact this particular material allows the product to be 20% lighter than conventional materials. Nylon, a very elastic material, is essential for the fit, in fact it allows the climbing glasses to better adapt to any face shape. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, has an impact on strength and durability, increasing it significantly, even at high and low temperatures it guarantees non deformability.

The inner sweat sponge is in soft neoprene. It fulfills various very important roles for those who practice climbing. Prevents drops of sweat from coming into contact with the eyes, furthermore, prevents light from entering laterally creating those annoying reflections. No less important, the sweat sponge prevents dust and small stones from coming into contact with the eyes.

There is also an adjustable elastic band to be applied in the appropriate section and serves to maintain optimum grip even in the event of sudden movements.

The hard case is included in the price and allows to better protect the climbing glasses from accidental breakage or smears in the lenses.


  • Lenses: Smoke Category 3
  • Other: Removable Ergonomic Sponge
  • Included: Removable elastic band, Hard Case
  • Sport: Hiking, Climbing
  • Size: Frame Width: 144mm; Height: 41mm – Temple Lenght: 115mm; Lens Base: 8


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