Chest Holster 230g/290g

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The Bear Spray Chest Holster enables you to carry your bear spray and keep it easy to reach. In addition to providing quick-draw access and a comfortable means by which to carry bear spray, the Bear Spray Chest Holster prevents the canister from twisting, allowing it to be pointed in a ready position away from you. When in bear country, you should always have your bear spray in an easily accessible position. The Bear Spray Chest Holster secures your bear spray to your chest.

Designed with your comfort and safety in mind. This holster is an excellent way to ensure safety in the outdoor activities you enjoy. Breathable mesh fabric keeps you comfortable and cool.

  • Keep your bear deterrent secure and within easy reach.
  • Three different configurations provide optimal versatility and convenience to the wearer.
  • Designed to carry either of our 290g or 230g bear sprays.


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