Clasp Spine Protector

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Certified spine protector for all freeride backpacks.

Even greater protection: The CLASP SPINE PROTECTOR is a separate spine protector specially designed for FREERIDE SERIES backpacks. Capable of withstanding multiple impacts, the FLEXIBLE PROTECTOR MADE FROM SAS-TEC FOAM is concealed in a separate pocket on the inside of the backpacks, ready for use when required. With no NOTICEABLE WEIGHT DIFFERENCE or restriction of movement, it offers MAXIMUM PROTECTION OF THE SPINE. During slow force applications the foam has a cushioning effect thanks to soft compression. In the event of a high-impact or high-speed fall, the foam’s microstructure undergoes minimal compression, becoming instantly rigid and providing reliable protection. The CLASP SPINE PROTECTOR is the optimal enhancement for maximum spine protection when freeriding.

  • Full protection without restricting movement
  • Light and comfortable
  • Able to withstand multiple impacts


  • Certificated up to a height of 200 cm
  • Manufacturer: SAS-TEC; Item: SC-1 / B52
  • Durable and mulit-compact
  • Triple Flex Elements® – comfort and Flexibility
  • Light – no noticeable additional weight
  • Weight: 200 g


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