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COFFEETAB is real specialty coffee you brew in a cup!

1 Box includes 10 Tabs

Natural, single-origin specialty coffee compressed into a tab! Using new technology, COFFEETAB is a hybrid between the convenience of instant coffee, but the aroma and flavour of a barista quality coffee. This technology locks in the aroma and flavour of a freshly ground specialty coffee, and provides a 12 month optimal freshness with no preservatives.

COFFEETAB is prepared in a similar way to Turkish coffee. There is no need to filter out the grinds: they are a result of innovation that keeps them settled at the bottom while drinking.


As NATURAL as the tropical cloud forests.

Organic Arabica beans from Uganda, blended together to give you a sweet, balanced, and beautiful cup.

Bean Origin: Uganda
Aroma: Citrus, Strawberry with cream Tasting Notes: Bergamot Orange, Rosehip


Infused with a hint of CITRUS.

A carefully crafted medium roast that balances sweetness and acidity, giving you a balanced and delicious cup.

Bean Origin: Ethiopia Aroma: Lemon, Pomegranate Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Lime


Beautifully BOLD!

A dark roast that is full bodied and bright, giving you a smooth and creamy cup that chocolate lovers will enjoy.

Bean Origin: Colombia Aroma: Nuts, Chocolate Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Spices


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