Coolnet UV Ellipse Headband - Telblur Blue

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Coolnet® UV Headband Ellipse: Preserving its recycled nature made of fusion joined fabrics, our new BUFF® Headband has moved one step forward. Still comfortable and breathable, it will fit even better to your head thanks to its new Ellipse design. Whichever activity you choose to practice under the sun, you will stay cool and protected. Coolnet® UV technology pulls sweat away and wards off skin irritation, apart from preventing hazardous exposure to the sun. Comfort and protection, all-in-one.

  • CoolNet® UV technology: 95% recycled materials, sun protection and cooling effect.
  • Accessories designed for your workout activities.
  • Stay protected against sun's ultraviolet radiations.


  • Recycled CoolNet® fabric: 95% recycled polyester microfiber featuring ultimate moisture management properties, cooling effect, UV UPF50 protection and ultralight weight.
  • Highly stretchable product designed for top comfort and performance.
  • Made using recycled materials. Do more Now and help creating a better world to enjoy.
  • UPF 50 certified sun protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by the sun.
  • Everyone are pushing limits and accomplishing new goals to feel better in their body and soul.
  • BUFF® have the perfect headwear and neckwear for all workout activities.


  • Country of manufacture: Spain
  • Size (Years): Adult
  • Composition: 91% recycled polyester 5% elastane 4% silicone
  • Care instructions: Machine wash
  • Product measures (Width x Length x Height): 22.5x9


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