Loopo Lite

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Ultra-light harness for high alpine use and ski touring that fits in your pocket. Weighing just 80 g, this is one of the lightest harnesses available. It is made of ultra-light, high strength load-bearing Dyneema© edge binding.


  • Double tie-in loops for a more comfortable fit
  • Load-bearing edge binding made of ultra-light Dyneema© material
  • Detachable elastic straps on the leg loops allow the harness to be put on without having to remove skis or crampons
  • Reflective tie-in loops—easier to recognise in the dark
  • 4 textile gear loops (load 25 kg)


  • Max. leg loop circumference [cm]: 1
  • Min. leg loop circumference [cm]: 60
  • Max. waist size [cm]: 100
  • Min. waist size [cm]: 85
  • CE marking: CE 0123
  • Certification: EN 12277 Typ C
  • Weight: 77 g


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