Lynx LeverLock Universal Crampon

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Versatility at it’s finest! With modular front points (long or short mono-point, dual-point, or asymmetrical dual-point), the LYNX crampons are designed to take on difficult climbs, snow couloirs, ice and mixed climbing. The LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL binding system is designed to fit boots with heel welts.

  • Designed for ice climbing, mixed climbing, and technical mountaineering:
    - Interchangeable, toothed front points for better bite on ice and mixed terrain
    - Points are distributed to provide stability and traction on a variety of different types of ice
    - LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL binding system is designed to fit boots with heel welts
    - Only 1020 g
    - Steel crampons for maximum durability
    - FAKIR transport pouch included
  • Versatile:
    - Length of front points can be adjusted with one screw (Petzl patent)
    - Dual-point configuration that can be easily converted to mono-point: dual-point for snow couloirs and gullies, asymmetrical dual-point for pure ice, short mono-point for ice, and long point for mixed
    - ANTISNOW LYNX system helps limit snow buildup in a variety of snow conditions
  • The ALPEN ADAPT system makes it completely modular:
    - FIL or FIL FLEX bindings are designed to fit the front of a variety of different boots (with or without toe welts)
    - Front points, linking bars, antibott system, and bindings can be replaced separately
    - Compatible with the IRVIS or VASAK front sections to convert the crampons into classic mountaineering or ski touring crampons
    - Compatible with the DART front sections to convert them into ice climbing crampons


  • Number of points: 14
  • Boot sizes: 35 to 45 with M linking bar (included); optional BARRETTE accessory fits boots sizes 40 to 50
  • Certification(s): CE, UIAA


References T24A LLU
  Weight: 1020 g (with ANTISNOW)
Multi-mount system LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL
Guarantee 3 years


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