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Quick-drying, lightweight and durable merino shirt with cooling effect.

Twice as cool and twice as sustainable: The 120 COOL TEC WOOD T-SHIRT for men extends this line of cooling clothes for warm days and also contributes to saving one of the oldest rainforests in the world: the Tarkine, in North West Tasmania.

The 120 COOL TEC WOOD T-SHIRT embodies pure functionality, because the combination of fine merino fibers and botanical Tencel® cellulose fibers is self-cooling, tough and durable thanks to corespun technology. This is due to a complicated process in which the fine merino and TencelTM fibers are spun around a core of polyamide filaments. The resulting yarn is used to produce a material that has the same benefits as merino wool and TencelTM, and is even more robust. With a fiber diameter of just 17.5 microns, the merino wool feels particularly soft on the skin.

And the 120 COOL TEC WOOD T-SHIRT is dedicated to the Tarkine, a primeval forest in North West Tasmania that covers almost 495,000 hectares and is under severe threat from large-scale deforestation for the mining and timber industries. For every t-shirt purchased we donate 5% to the Bob Brown Foundation, which is committed to the conservation of this rainforest.


120 MERINO COOL TEC is a cooling combination of merino wool and TencelTM fibers (obtained from cellulose fibers of botanic origin). In a complex process, the fine merino and TencelTM fibers are spun around a core of polyamide filaments. This makes the fabric robust without sacrificing the benefits of merino wool and TencelTM.


  • Cooling effect thanks to sustainable natural fibers
  • Moisture regulating and quick drying
  • Rugged and long lasting

Material Properties

  • Quick drying
  • Lightweight
  • Cooling Tencel™
  • Long lasting
  • CORESPUN technology by © Südwolle Group: (For increased stability)
  • Fine 17,5 Micron fiber diameter
  • Durable


  • Materials: 52 % virgin wool (OWP MERINO) + 33 % lyocell (Tencel™) + 15 % polyamide
  • Fit: Regular Fit
  • Weight: 110


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