Men's 185 Merino Logo Spray TS T-Shirt

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Versatile, comfortable long sleeve t-shirt made from merino wool for alpine tours.

The 185 MERINO LOGO SPRAY T-SHIRT for men is perfect for athletic mountain adventures when the going gets tough.

Its merino wool with extremely fine fibers feel soft and comfortable on the skin. Wool is ideal for endurance sports thanks to its temperature and moisture-regulating properties. As always, Ortovox's merino wool comes from selected Tasmanian farms, where their sheep enjoy an almost boundless habitat in a moderate climate. These optimum living conditions result in the high quality and functionality of the fine wool.

Stylish and colour conscious, their long sleeve is available in on-trend colours with a cool print. Multi-coloured twirled yarn additionally creates a cool look – for all the colour-loving sheep in the world! The 185 MERINO LOGO SPRAY T-SHIRT for men is extremely versatile and an absolute must for any tour!


  • Extremely soft thanks to its 18-micron wool fibers
  • Moisture and temperature regulating
  • Odor neutralizing


  • Fine merino wool, 185 g/m²
  • Fine 19 Micron fiber diameter
  • Itch-free and comfortable to wear
  • Sustainable raw material
  • Tasmanian Merino


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