Men's Eika Tee

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Eika is an ultra-light garment in 100% premium Merino wool. Thermo-regulating Merino wool has excellent moisture control. The garments have a cooling effect in hot weather and feel warm against the skin if the temperature drops. Wool ensures a healthy microclimate for the skin, which prevents bacteria, so that woollen garments smell less and often only need to be aired instead of washed. This helps to protect the environment. Ultra-light Eika is suitable for warm summer days, as well as chilly spring mornings. Wool is a natural product with unique properties that will become a favourite for your hikes and excursions into the countryside.


  • Weight: 150 g/m2
  • Inside material: 100% Wool (Merino)
  • Fiber: Superfine 17.5 micron


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