Men's Wool Mesh Shirt

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This year the Wool Mesh collection comes with a zip on/off capri which allows you to change without taking off your skis and shoes. The Zip neck comes with extended zippers in front and the option to open from both ends for extra venting flexibility. Devold® Wool Mesh is mesh underwear with excellent wicking properties. The garments maximize warmth and breathability yet stay ligh-tweight. They are very elastic and will follow your bodys movements. Wool Mesh dries fast even when you are hot and sweaty and excess heat and moisture gets transported away from the body out to the next layer. When you are cold, it provides an insulating and temperature regulating layer of air next to the skin.


  • Material: 100% Merino Wool
  • Color: Skydiver
  • GO 151 224 A 291A


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