Ranchero Soup (V&LF)

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This all-star soup is inspired by traditional flavours of southwestern United States cuisine. You can almost feel the sun on your skin as you savour this unique, comforting and delicious rendition of one of the authentic culinary delights of this region. Yak Express, Yak Vegetarian and Yak Comfort selections Red beans, rice and a special blend of fine vegetables all simmered in a savoury tomato broth, along with seasoned vegetarian meatballs Happy Yak style.

Did you know? Ranchero is a word commonly used in Mexico and western United States, and is derived from the word Rancho. Among the many definitions of the word, one discovers that rancho was once a soup composed mainly of cabbage leaves often served in the military. From rancho to ranchero, this hearty and filling soup is worthy of its on-going popularity.


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