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Standard household matches won’t cut it in the backcountry, so pack the SOL All-Weather Matches on your next outdoor adventure. The extra-long head provides 10 seconds of burn time and is made thicker for a stronger flame in a survival situation. Layers of varnish provide a waterproof and windproof burn so you can start your fire or stove no matter the conditions. The waterproof case provides three striker areas so you always have a dry striker to work with. The high-visibility orange case means you can find it in your gear bag when you need it. Comes with 25 matches and included cotton tinder. Always be prepared no matter the conditions with the SOL All-Weather Matches.

  • Weatherproof Matches – Strike a match in wind, rain, or snow. Remains lit even when wet.
  • Long Burn Time – An extra-long, thick match provides up to 10 seconds of burn time with a stronger flame.
  • Thick Varnish – Each match has many layers of flammable varnish for a lasting, weatherproof flame.
  • 25 Matches – Each case comes with 25 weatherproof matches.
  • Cotton Tinder – Convenient cotton tinder included in each case.
  • Waterproof Case with Strikers – 3 striking areas on a waterproof case so you can always light a match.


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