Bravo High-Pressure 12 Volt Pump

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The Bravo BTP 12 High-Pressure Pump is the perfect solution for quickly inflating your stand up paddleboard. Hook it up to a 12-volt battery and it puts out up to 15 psi (1.034 bar) air pressure.

  • Inflate quickly with this powerful 12 volt pump.
  • It's easy to know exactly what pressure you have with the built-in 0-15 psi gauge.
  • 2.7 meter long battery cables and 1.8 meter air hose gives you good reach.
  • Eight valve adapters, including one specifically for Leafield C7 and D7 valves, links up to most common valves.
  • Pump, cables and hose fit in a handy zipper carry case, with shoulder strap.

Never operate Bravo with vehicle motor running - it will damage the pump due to a higher voltage output.


Action: Inflate and deflate
Power: 12-Volt 
Max. Inflation: 15 psi (1.034 bar)
Dimensions: 28 x 10 x 16 cm
Weight: 1.2 kg
Warranty: 2 year workmanship and materials
  • Electric Pumps
  • Zippered carrying case
  • Eight valve adapters
  • 2.7 m battery cable with alligator clamps
  • 1.8 m non-kink hose


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