Chorizo Beef Protein Bars

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The Chorizo Thrive bars have 14 grams of all-natural, sustainably sourced protein come straight from their heritage farm (est. 1940) and use a family recipe to cook up long-lasting energy for any adventure.

Thrive Provisions are unlike any other not only because of the clean label, superior taste and textures, or best-in-class practices, but they are also natural leaders with four generations of expertise and a rock solid reputation for excellence. Their Heritage Farm was established in 1940 and they strongly uphold the same family values, safety standards, and best-in-class practices that has made them a brand known for excellence and the most premium foods. Through Thrive Provisions, they continue to build upon their prestigious farming legacy that has flourished throughout the years. They enrich everyday living with artisanal, accessible food that defies the ordinary and solves the demands of the modern lifestyle.

Their brand attracts downtown professionals looking for quality meal replacements and weekend warriors looking for high quality, high-density calories they can fit in a backpack or pocket. They’re also popular with suburban parents and other health-conscious audiences because of their history, ethical pedigree and all-natural family recipes.


Wagyu beef, Dates, Sugars (honey), Salt, Spices, Citric acid, Celery powder, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Smoke.

May Contain: Pit fragments


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