Compressible Pillow Cinch Small

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Designed to pack small and deliver big comfort away from home, the Compressible Pillow Cinch is a must-have for camping, road trips, airplanes and anywhere else you want better rest. The luxuriously soft, 60% recycled polyester cover is filled with supportive and compressible upcycled foam from our sleeping pad manufacturing lines to be as Earth-friendly as possible. Once unpacked, simply pull the cinch cord to adjust the firmness to your desired level. An added top layer of insulation eliminates lumps for your snoozing pleasure.

  • Customize Your Comfort: Use the cinch cord to tailor the firmness and support to your ideal comfort level.
  • Upcycled Foam: Stuffed with excess foam from sleeping pad production for proven eco-friendly comfort.
  • Recycled Fabric: Super-soft polyester cover is 60% recycled to keep your head comfy and its eco-impact small.
  • Compressible: Packs down into itself so you can rest better on-th-go.
  • Lump-free: Light and soft insulation layer on top eliminates lumps for an even snoozing surface.


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Colour Green Mountains Print, Stargazer, Fun Guy Print, Warp Speed Print, Pines
Weight 7 oz / 0.21 kg
Width 15 in / 38 cm
Length 11 in / 28 cm
Thickness 5 in / 13 cm
Material(s) Urethane foam fill, Polyester Insulation, Polyester Shell


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