Dual Cam Jam 1" Tensioner

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The Dual CamJam 1" Webbing Tensioner is the ultimately versatile tie down tool that allows you to create your own tie down or connection solution with most 1" webbing. With two cam locking mechanisms integrated into the proprietary zinc alloy body, you can add this buckle to almost any 1" flat or tubular webbing to create the most versatile tie down system you'll ever use.

Your customized system can be used in two ways: a fixed end configuration or a traditional loop configuration. Watch the How To videos to see them in action. In the fixed end configuration, make a loop in one end of your webbing to attach it to an anchor point while the loose end can then be placed over or looped around your gear and around the other anchor point.

A unique advantage of the Dual CamJam is that Cam 1 allows you to easily slide it onto the webbing and to adjust the buckle placement easily and securely within your configuration. Then complete your configuration by wrapping the strap around your load and other anchor point and insert the webbing end through Cam 2 to easily tension the load in place.

This set up uses half as much webbing as traditional tie down straps which function in a looped configuration. Another major unique advantage of this configuration is that you are able to create a 3-to-1 mechanical advantage. For example, you only need to apply 50 pounds of force to achieve a 150 pound result - a great advantage over using more complicated ratcheting cam straps.

This tough and durable Dual CamJam buckle has a working load rating of 600 pounds, though; your webbing may have a lower break strength, so always be sure to check the manufacturer's specs of your webbing, and do not exceed the stated working load limit.

This tie down tool is ideal for hanging hammocks, securing oddly shaped loads, locking down gear, and much more.


  • Premium quality die-cast zinc alloy Dual CamJam tensioning mechanism with nickel plate finish
  • Use with most 1" webbing (thickness .045"|1.14mm - .090"| 2.28mm), no sewing required
  • Cut webbing at 45 degree angle and sear ends for ease of use
  • Cam 1: Position + Lock, Cam 2: Tighten + Secure
  • Working load limit: 600 lb, Break Strength: 1800 lb
  • Works two ways: Fixed End Configuration + Loop Configuration
  • Dimensions: .19" x 2.14" x .89" | 35mm x 54mm x 23mm
  • Weight: 4.1oz | 116g

Not for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. Not for climbing. The manufacturer is not responsible for loss, injury, or damage due to improper use of product. Inspect product and rope prior to use. DO NOT EXCEED stated load limit (150 lb. / 67.5kg) of product or rope, whichever is less. The manufacturer makes no guarantees concerning line, rope or cord not contained in this packaging. Avoid sharp edges, hot or abrasive surfaces, and shifting loads.


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