Fire Lite 8-in-1 Survival Tool

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With 8 essential survival tools all in one tiny package, the SOL Fire Lite Survival Tool will keep you safe and prepared. Included in the tool kit is a compass, emergency whistle, signaling mirror (inside cap), Tinder Cord lanyard, flint/match striker, micro sparker, Tinder Quik, and the waterproof compartment. Use the whistle or signal mirror to signal your location to search and rescue. The button compass can help navigate dense trails when lost or stranded. You can use the flint fire starter to get a roaring campfire going or an emergency fire to keep you warm through the night. The lanyard doubles as a fire starter or just to help carry your tools around. The whole kit fits into the small waterproof compartment to keep everything secured while hiking, backpacking, camping, or hunting. Stay prepared with the lightest and most compact survival kit out there with the SOL Fire Lite 8-in-1 Survival Tool.

  • Camping compass provides outdoor navigation when lost or stranded on the trail
  • Start a campfire or emergency fire with the flint striker, Tinder Quik, and Tinder Cord fire starter
  • Signal to rescuers with the integrated high decibel safety whistle and signal mirror
  • Tool kit is lightweight and can be carried hands-free with included Tinder Cord lanyard
  • Waterproof compartment keeps fire starting survival gear safe and dry


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