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Reconnect with the art of fire.

100% all-natural tinder, world renowned Swedish FireSteel, and Grandpa’s FireGrill. The kit that makes cooking outside easy. Reconnect with the ancient art of fire, with the package that opens the natural ways of fire making. Just add wood and you have all you need for stepping back in time, where sparks, tinder, and skill made eating not only filling but rewarding. This rite of passage is an inspiring activity that uplifts the soul and fills the belly. Keep your fire burning with the Fire’n Grill package. Recycled stainless steel grill, SCS certified tinder, and best original magnesium fire-starter. A tough, durable, ferro rod guarantees the highest standard of fire-lighting.

Swedish FireSteel Scout

  • Works when it's wet and windy
  • Durable, up to 3 000 strikes
  • Built-in emergency whistle


  • Easy to light, even when wet
  • 100% Natural fire starter
  • Efficient hot flame

Grandpa's FireFork

  • Smart design holds food firmly
  • Safety cap for storage

Grandpa's FireGrill

  • Versatile – grill, toast, bake
  • Flexible – use it open or folded


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