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Make camp setup a breeze with the Exped FlexMat Plus. It's a thick, comfortable closed-cell foam pad you can use on its own or layer under an inflatable pad to increase warmth and puncture protection.


  • Rapidly deployed folding form makes setting up and striking camp quick and easy
  • High-quality, nontoxic microcellular IXPE foam is extremely lightweight and durable, and it maintains the Flex-Cell structure for years of hard use
  • An array of air-trapping Flex-Cells creates a thick, warm, supportive sleep surface, and they nestle inside one another when the mat is folded, minimizing packed size
  • Multiple rectangular segments fold against one another into a compact, easily packable shape
  • Warmth-to-weight ratio is extremely high, making the FlexMat Plus an essential addition to any sleep system across all seasons
  • FlexMat adds substantial insulation, durability and moisture resistance to inflatable sleeping mats when layered beneath
  • Winter Mode—folded in half and doubled in thickness, FlexMat Plus increases insulation and cushioning under the torso; excellent for winter camping
  • Pillow Mode—with the first several segments stacked one atop the other, an elevated, customized pillow section can be created, supporting your head and neck
  • This pad has an R-value of 2.2, which makes it best for adventures in cool weather; it provides moderate insulation from ground temperature
  • Most sleeping pads we sell range from 1.0 (good for warm weather) to 5.5+ (for use in extreme cold); the higher the R-value, the more insulated the pad


  • Best Use: Backpacking
  • Sleeping Pad Type: Closed-cell Foam Pad
  • Sleeping Pad Shape: Rectangular
  • Sleeping Capacity: 1-person
  • Insulated: Yes
  • Insulation Type: Closed-cell Foam
  • R-Value: 2.2
  • Packed Size: M: 6 x 20.5 x 7 inches
  • Ultralight: Yes
  • Pad Thickness (in.): 1.5 inches
  • Dimensions: M: 72 x 20.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: M: 1 lb. 1.6 oz.
  • Gender: Unisex


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