Men's 120 Comp Light Long Sleeve Shirt

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Very light, technical and breathable long-sleeve merino t-shirt for intense alpine activities.

Light weight, function and the best merino wool: With Ortovox's new 120 COMP LIGHT LONG SLEEVE for men, the naked sheep is ready for new personal bests! To follow their award-winning 230 MERINO COMPETITION, they have developed their 120 MERINO COMPETITION line for high-action sports in both summer and winter. Consisting of a high proportion of merino wool, this line is now even lighter!

What makes Ortovox's 120 COMP LONG SLEEVE for men so special is that it is produced using an almost entirely seamless circular knitting technique, so that different material strengths can be used in different zones. A fine ribbed structure made from 120 g/m² MERINO gives the long, functional undershirt elasticity for maximum freedom of movement, while a particularly breathable mesh structure ensures optimum air circulation in the areas of the body that generate the most heat. This body mapping technique, in which different knit structures are used in certain zones, ensures maximum ventilation.

What’s more, thanks to its close fit, the 120 COMP LONG SLEEVE for men is very elastic, highly breathable and quick drying, and yet still durable and long lasting. And the gentle merino fibers with a diameter of 16.5 microns feel as comfortable and soft as a second skin. The positive features of the wool fibers come into their own in this light functional underwear, because merino wool is naturally moisture and temperature regulating and neutralizes nasty odors. And thanks to the cool 3-color design, the NAKED SHEEP is always stylish. And it’s all “Made in Europe”!

Experience pure lightness with the 120 COMP LIGHT LONG SLEEVE for men! Whether on a ski tour in winter or an alpine tour in summer, the way to your personal top performance is wide open.

Material Properties

  • Merino on skin
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Elastic
  • Merino Bodymapping
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Made in Europe
  • Fine 16,5 Micron fiber diameter


  • Materials: 70 % virgin wool (OWP-MERINO) + 30 % polyamide
  • Fit: Athletic Fit
  • Weight: 110 g


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