Wonderwool Beanie

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Single-color, casual-fit beanie with merino wool for the mountains and valleys.

The outer layer of the WONDERWOOL BEANIE is made of 100% fine merino wool, which not only keeps your head warm but is also extremely comfortable to wear and impresses with its temperature and moisture regulating properties.

The WONDERWOOL BEANIE can be worn both on the mountain and in day-to-day life. The color scheme is muted and, as such, can be combined with any style, and the modern cut completes any outfit, not just for freeriding.

The outer layer is made of 100% merino wool, keeping your head at the optimal temperature while also regulating excess moisture. The inside is made of our tried-and-tested MERINO FLEECE LIGHT GRIT material, which is particularly lightweight and comfortable on the skin thanks to the combination of merino wool and an inner channel structure. At the same time, the knitted construction ensures optimum ventilation during demanding descents and provides plenty of insulation in cold, windy conditions.

With the WONDERWOOL BEANIE, you’ll be ready for any adventure in the cold.

  • Moisture and temperature regulating
  • 100% environmentally friendly and super sustainable
  • Odor neutralizing
  • Soft and comfortable on the skin

Material Properties

  • Merino on skin
  • Lightweight
  • High Breathability
  • Highly stretchable
  • High durability
  • Quick drying
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Size 50-56 cm
  • Materials: OUTER: 100 % virgin wool (OWP-MERINO) INSIDE: 68% polyester + 24% wool (OWP-MERINO) + 8% polyamide
  • Weight: 90 g


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