Giga Jul Belay Device

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Giga Jul—Combines the Functions Of a Standard And an Assisted Braking Tuber.

The Giga Jul is particularly light and simultaneously robust and abrasion resistant. This is made possible by a smart hybrid construction of aluminum and steel. The main body of the Giga Jul is made from particularly light aluminum. Parts which are at risk of wear (for example the friction channels) are made from robust stainless steel.

By moving the green slider, the Giga Jul is instantly transformed from an assisted braking tuber to a standard tuber.

In recent years, the use of assisted braking tubers has dominated sport and alpine climbing. Its advanced safety reserves, which result from its assisted braking when arresting a fall, makes the use of this type of device especially advisable. For this reason the Alpine Associations of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DAV, ÖAV, SAC) recommend the use of assisted braking tubers.

Nevertheless, there are applications (particularly in alpine climbing) where the use of standard tubers is still advantageous. Especially when secured from a fixed point (belay station), their highly dynamic braking performance may be preferred. Abseiling and belaying the second with a doubled rope is markedly more comfortable with a standard tuber.


  • Assisted braking guide mode
  • Guide mode
  • Extremely abrasion-resistant
  • Diameter: 7.1–10 mm
  • Certification: EN 15151-2
  • Weight: 121 g


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